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Toronto, December 14, 2009 —

The Editors' Association of Canada/Association canadienne des réviseurs (EAC/ACR) today introduced a groundbreaking, nationwide plan to offer affordable errors and omissions insurance for editors. For the first time in the association's history, EAC members can sign up for affordable professional indemnity insurance plans designed to protect editors against claims brought by third parties for compensatory damages.

Through an arrangement with Sagicor Lloyd's Syndicate 1206, through Affinity Insurance Inc. and Grosvenor Brokers of Lloyd's of London, EAC is offering comprehensive and competitively priced Professional Indemnity and Commercial General Liability (combined limit of indemnity) coverage and outstanding service for as little as $800 per year.

"We're proud to offer these affordable plans," says EAC's executive director Carolyn L Burke. "There are professional risks that go hand-in-hand with the editing industry and these plans help to mitigate those risks."

"What's more," continues Burke, "editors who are certified by EAC's landmark certification program will qualify for additional annual premium discounts."

For more information about EAC's Professional Indemnity and Commercial General Liability (combined limit of indemnity) coverage, visit

Toronto, December 14, 2009 —

Le Conseil national d'administration est fier de lancer, pour les membres de l'ACR, un régime d'assurance à l'échelle nationale offrant une assurance erreurs et omissions abordable.

C'est en effet par une entente conclue avec Sagicor Lloyd's Syndicate 1206, par Affinity Insurance Inc. et Grosvenor Brokers de la Lloyd's of London, que l'ACR propose une responsabilité professionnelle (assurance erreurs et omissions) complète au tarif concurrentiel ainsi qu'une couverture de responsabilité civile des entreprises (limite de responsabilité combinée) et un service hors pair à partir de seulement 800 $ par année.

Pourquoi une assurance erreurs et omissions est-elle nécessaire?

Les risques professionnels sont étroitement liés à l'industrie de la révision. L'assurance erreurs et omissions vous protège contre les poursuites en justice émanant d'allégations de négligence ou de faute, assurant de ce fait vos éléments d'actifs. D'autre part, pour un client qui a subi des préjudices, l'assurance erreurs et omissions garantit que des fonds sont disponibles en quantité suffisante pour verser une indemnisation.

Pour en savoir plus sur l'assurance erreurs et omissions ainsi que sur l'assurance responsabilité civile des entreprises, nous vous invitons à lire l'article de Tedd Campbell paru en anglais dans le numéro d'automne 2009 de la Voix active et intitulé « Freelance Editors: Get ahead but cover your behind » (PDF, 171 KB).

Quelles sont les principales caractéristiques du régime?

  • § Une responsabilité professionnelle et une responsabilité civile des entreprises maximale de 1 000 000 de dollars (limite de responsabilité combinée)
  • § Une franchise de 2 000 $
  • § Une ristourne de prime annuelle pour les membres atteignant les niveaux d'attestation les plus élevés du programme d'agrément

Combien l'assurance erreurs et omissions coûte-t-elle?
De concert avec les assureurs, nous avons conçu trois régimes en fonction des écarts de salaire annuel.

Revenu 1
(de 0 $ à 25 000 $)
Revenu 2
(de 26 000 $ à 50 000 $)
Revenu 3
(de 51 000 $ à 100 000 $)
Prime annuelle800 $ CAN1 000 $ CAN1 200 $ CAN
Taxes provinciales TotalSelon la province 800 $ CAN taxes en susSelon la province 1 000 $ CAN taxes en susSelon la province 1 200 $ CAN taxes en sus

La prime des membres dont le revenu annuel est supérieur à 100 000 $ sera calculée au cas par cas. Des modalités de financement sont aussi possibles.

Renseignements supplémentaires
Pour vous inscrire à l'un des régimes, lire un exemple de police d'assurance ou pour d'autres renseignements, n'hésitez pas à visiter le Coin des membres.

Toronto, December 12, 2009 —

"Enhancing Associations' Value in Challenging Times"

Due to the uncertain economic conditions, associations are facing greater challenges and pressures to find cost-effective ways to grow and retain their membership base.

With budget constraints and rising expenditures being major concerns for associations, many are looking for ways to add value to their member benefits packages without passing the cost along to their members in the forms of increase dues.

Today's associations are focusing on initiatives that closely fit their "core purpose." While there are many positive sides to this trend, this increased precision poses yet another challenge to the association community in developing new sources of non-dues revenue.

The unexpected - such as a fire, a flood, a hacker on your association's web site, a costly lawsuit from a disgruntled ex-employee, or a cancelled event - could cause serious financial damage. For your association to remain sustainable, you must drive revenue while enhancing the value of the member benefits package, without pricing yourself out of your memberships budget.

Traditional risk management calls for mitigating potential losses from unexpected events by spreading the risk to other entities. There's no better way to do that than with insurance, an essential risk management tool. It protects your association against catastrophic losses, helps stabilize expenditure flow, preserves earnings and resources, as well as provide funds for the settlement of lawsuit claims.

Associations can also create an insurance program for members, offering personal coverage through a third party to meet individual needs and add value to an existing member benefits package. Additionally, a successful program can be a source of revenue for the association.

Affinity Insurance Inc. specializes in brokerage, marketing, administration, for association and affinity groups insurance programs. Affinity can help your association evaluate and manage your current and future risks, adjusting your coverage with products from a competitively priced portfolio.

To learn how we can help your association grow, and retain members, while driving revenue, contact, contact Don Miller, President, Affinity Insurance Inc. at 1-877-213 4545 xt 102 or visit

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