Guiding Philosophy

Throughout the Corporation, we use a collection of statements concerning what we believe about people, business, organizations and life—which we call our Core Values and Beliefs—to explain the six central concepts of this philosophy and to influence our decision making. These are not rules, which always apply to every situation. Rather, they are principles, which are often helpful in deciding what course of action is most consistent with our corporate values.

Sometimes we face dilemmas when two or more of these principles are in conflict. In these cases, it is important to remember that principled decision-making in the real world always requires judgment. The following is a very brief summary of our Core Values and Beliefs.

Our purpose is to create superior value, which means meeting the evolving needs of people, both individually and in groups, better than other organizations like us.

We must do this for all our stakeholders (clients, employees, insurance partners, suppliers, communities, and society as a whole) in an appropriate balance and while improving the tradeoffs between and among our stakeholders’ interests over time. We value a dedication to service as shown by the characteristics of placing service to others above self-interest and of demonstrating a genuine customer focus.

We believe in treating others as we would want to be treated by showing respect for all individuals, remembering the importance of our people in everything we do, and having fun as we work. Our long-term orientation causes us to embrace change rather than fear it, to commit ourselves to lifelong learning, and to balance self-confidence with humility.

We maintain the highest standards in everything we do, including an absolute commitment to honesty and integrity, honourable competition, management by fact, proactive management of enterprise risk, continuous improvement, and planning. We take responsibility and are accountable for our actions.

  • Guiding Philosophy Training is a live interactive training session based on the Guiding Philosophy (Core Values) and Decision-Making Process of Affinity Insurance Inc. . This training is designed to help employees (i) understand our Core Values and beliefs, (ii) understand what ethical decision making is within Affinity Insurance Inc. , and (iii) align our actions with the Guiding Philosophy whenever we make business or work-related decisions. The overall goal of Guiding Philosophy Training is to enable all Affinity Insurance Inc. employees to understand and apply the concepts and principles of the Guiding Philosophy and Decision-Making Process.

Instead of hiring a professional training firm, we ask our managers, officers, and supervisors to train employees. One of the reasons we do this is because we know the best way to learn a subject thoroughly is to teach it. Our second reason for using Affinity supervisors as trainers is to encourage employees to have an ongoing dialog on these issues with their managers. The shared experience of this training course should give our colleagues a framework that makes it easier to apply the Guiding Philosophy each day. We hope it gives employees a way to talk to each other about what to do when they face a tough decision.

  • Chapter 2 Training was designed as a refresher course on the topics covered in Guiding Philosophy Training. Chapter 2 is an opportunity to revisit our Core Values and the concept of dilemma resolution in a smaller, more discussion-based format.
  • These sessions include a brief review of Guiding Philosophy concepts, but concentrate more on company-related dilemmas and how to resolve them. Participants will discuss specific dilemmas, working through the steps of the Decision-Making Process and finding the applicable Core Values.

Our Values:

  • Ethics in everything, first and foremost
  • To exceed client’s expectations through commitment to service
  • To give back to community often and in meaningful ways
  • Continued Education & Technology Driven
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Work-Family Balanced

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